At a Glance

Here you’ll find a one-page summary of who we are and what we’re about.


It has seemed to me for some time that there is a space – perhaps even a need – for some new institution to emerge in the world.

Our modern human landscape offers us an unprecedented degree of freedom, and fosters an almost unimaginable degree of diversity.

But this ever-expanding palette of options invites the question: is there a broad set of cultural elements that we can agree to share, in order to promote constructive discourse about how we humans wish our society to evolve?

Traditional religions offer one set of answers to this question.

But can we construct another option? A new institution that provides another sort of answer?

The Practopians is an experiment attempting to answer this very question.


The Society for Practical Utopians seeks to identify and promote beliefs, principles, values and actions that will result in a brighter future for humanity.

We strive to combine a clear-eyed view of what is possible with an idealistic yearning for a better tomorrow.

By documenting in an inclusive and transparent manner a foundational modern worldview, we hope to launch something that might be thought of as the world’s first open-source religion.

We will work to advance our cause through authoring, publication, education, scientific advocacy, and promotion of literature and the arts as vital elements of human culture.


We believe in:

  1. taking a humanistic perspective;

  2. the value of integrating multiple diverse human perspectives;

  3. the use of science;

  4. the development of life forms through evolution;

  5. the importance of cultural evolution;

  6. the importance of the written word;

  7. our ability to create meaning for ourselves through storytelling;

  8. in getting better, not in seeking a state of perfection;

  9. the power of ordinary individuals to shape our cultural evolution;

  10. the use of critical thinking;

  11. applying systems thinking;

  12. cultivating a sense of wonder;

  13. nourishing feelings of love.


  1. Balance
  2. Liberty
  3. Society
  4. Connection
  5. The Rule of Law
  6. Equality
  7. Democracy
  8. Parenthood
  9. Education
  10. Private and Public Property
  11. Proportional Rewards for Value Creation
  12. Diversity


  • Our Core Writings spell out who we are and what we’re about.

  • Our Issues section identifies the issues we feel are most important.

  • Our Blog Posts offer commentary on a variety of topics from a Practopian perspective.

  • We’ve collected a number of Quotations that reflect and illustrate our core beliefs and most important issues.

  • We also highlight various News Items , with some brief commentary on why they’re relevant to our interests.

  • Our Links section contains a collection of helpful hyperlinks to recommended resources.


The Society for Practical Utopians was incorporated in the State of Washington, USA, as a WA Non-Profit Corporation on March 1, 2017. is currently owned and authored by Herb Bowie, who is actively seeking like-minded collaborators, and pursuing recognition of The Society for Practical Utopians as a 501(c)(3) tax exempt nonprofit.


If you have questions, comments or inquiries (or simply wish to express unbridled enthusiasm for our work!), please feel free to drop us a note at