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We strive to achieve our Mission.

The Practopians seek to identify and promote beliefs, principles, values and actions that will result in a brighter future for humanity. We strive to combine a clear-eyed view of what is possible with an idealistic yearning for a better tomorrow. By documenting in an inclusive and transparent manner a foundational modern worldview, we hope to launch something that might be thought of as the world’s first open-source religion. We will work to advance our cause through authoring, publication, education, scientific advocacy, and promotion of literature and the arts as vital elements of human culture.

Quotation: Living happily ever after

Quotation: When old men plant trees

Quotation: A Meaningful Life

Quotation: To prolong our presence on the face of the Earth

Quotation: To Give in the Same Measure

Quotation: Ends for which We Live