The Abridged Version of The Practopian Way


We Practopians seek to identify and promote beliefs, principles, values and actions that will result in a Brighter Future for Humanity.

A Human Perspective

We are Humanistic: we are focused on human concerns and human potential.

We place great value on the Written Word, but place no faith in any single text that we deem to be sacred.

We believe that we humans create meaning for ourselves through Storytelling and all forms of artistic expression.

Something Bigger

A feeling of caring Connection to others is part of what makes us human, and makes us part of something larger than ourselves.

We experience a sense of Wonder in our approach to the world as we encounter the mysterious, the unexpected, the unfamiliar and the inexplicable.

Although we cannot define the meaning of the word in any comprehensive way – or, perhaps, because we cannot fully define it – we believe in Love.

Rational Thought

We embrace Science as one way of understanding the universe, and we accept toolmaking as one means of improving the human condition.

We believe in Evolution as an ongoing force in the world, and in particular are interested in the continuing evolution of humanity.

We are particularly interested in cultural evolution, since what it means to be human is so intertwined with our cultural identity.

We believe that we can produce better outcomes for humanity through the application of Critical Thinking.

In order to achieve positive outcomes from the complex social, economic, and ecological systems in which we live, we believe we must employ Systems Thinking.

It is in the best interests of society to assist in the Education of its members.

Our Social Contract

We value the social fabric that binds us together as part of a shared human community, and believe in the need to establish institutions of governance for Society.

As part of a Democracy, all citizens should have equal say in defining society’s laws, and equal opportunity to influence the operation of their governments.

Every society should establish a Rule of Law to govern human interaction, and to help channel human energy along constructive paths.

We believe in the private ownership of Property, but also in the public ownership of property that can benefit society through shared usage.

Parents have an obligation to help their children become healthy, happy adults who make their own positive contributions to society.

It is in the best interests of society to encourage its citizens to engage in activities that will Create Value for themselves and others.

Value of Individuals

We believe that ordinary Individuals have the power to shape our cultural evolution and influence our human condition.

We believe in allowing adults as much Liberty as practical, so long as they do not infringe on the life and liberty of others.

All citizens must be treated with Equality before the law, without discrimination based on appearance, gender, ethnic origin, race, sexual preference, wealth or social status.

We believe in the Diverse expression of human potential.

Some Guard Rails

We harbor no romantic notions about the Perfectibility of humans or of human society: we are satisfied with progress, and do not demand perfection.

We believe in striving for Balance between competing concerns, rather than establishing any single value as fundamentally absolute.

We strive to integrate multiple diverse human perspectives in order to arrive at a more complete understanding of ourselves and the world around us.